ECSD Authorized YouTube Settings

ECSD Authorized You Tube Settings

(Note: this is a public page and anything you would not post on your School Website should not be posted on You Tube.  See the Responsible Use Guidelines for Technology – Staff posted on the District Website on the Staff Page.)

Technology Coordinators should request approval for an Authorized You Tube Channel for their site by entering a request in Zendesk.  After receiving approval, the channel will need to have the following settings.

The user must be added to the channel as the District admin user.  There should be a user at the school level that will act as the administrator of the channel.  Note: there can be more than one user that serves as the administrator of the You Tube Channel. The following settings should be set for the Channel:


Please do not “Allow Comments” on your videos. As we are all busy and can’t monitor these comments.


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