Renaissance Place & FCAT Star Imports

Please note that Renaissance Place does not have Classes and students yet. The problem should be corrected this evening (8/22/12).  Currently, there is a problem that is causing classes and students not to be are uploaded each night to Renaissance Place for Elementary Schools.  The same problem is happening in FCAT Star.  These two programs use the same file to update so if there is a problem in one, there generally is the same problem in the other program.  Some elementary schools do not have courses and classes and won't until the data clerk submits the schedule for the school.  This does not seem to be a problem for Middle and High Schools.  Middle and High Schools seem to have courses, classes and students for some teachers.  However, secondary schools are still having a problem with new teachers.  Normally, we have some training for Renaissance Place Managers and for others importing students into various programs like Successmaker.  However, since FCAT Star is not correct and we use that data to import, we are unsure when we will be doing the training.  Schedules for training on importing students to Successmaker will be posted soon.
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    Peggy Thompson

    Please note this problem should be resolved in Renaissance by 08/23/12 if classes are scheduled correctly in TERMS.

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