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As of today (August 28th), all users should be able to access renaissance place using the address  Renaissance recommended today that we discontinue using the ipad app for students and use a browser on all devices.  They have plans to discontinue support of the app but have migrated their website to html5 so that the browser experience is more like that of an app.

Some schools have reported they are not finding books when searching for them in Accelerated Reader.  If this happens, please make sure that quizzes have been made available.  This is done by each school and your choices could have changed from last year.  The instructions for making quizzes available are posted in ZenDesk at:

We believe we have resolved all of the issues.  As always, if you find individual user problems, please enter a request for support.


Currently, all schools are having problems with Accelerated Reader and the problem has been reported to Renaissance Place support.  We believe all schools now have the correct products allocated to their schools. We are still in the 60 day expiration of products you purchased last year so you may temporarily have a few products that you did not renew this year.  Those will disappear in approximately a month.

We experienced some log in difficulty today with teacher users because of our LDAP issues in the District.  If your teachers or students still cannot log in to the page for Renaissance but can log in to other things like Moodle, please put in a HelpDesk ticket so that we can research those problems.

We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve all issues.

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