We have been made aware of a major phishing attempt that was directed at another school district in Florida.  This attempt could possibly make its way into our district so we wanted to educate you so that you can be our strongest  shield of defense.  The cyber criminals captured the Skyward login screen and added a field for SSN# as well.  The email was requesting users to verify their account information for security purposes.  AT NO TIME WILL THE SCHOOL DISTRICT ASK FOR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS OR ANY OTHER PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION IN AN EMAIL.  If you receive any email requesting this information please notify our Tech Support Service Desk immediately at 462-9493.  We have attached a pdf of the phishing attempt so that you can see the realistic approach that these criminals take.  If you notice the URL in the address window has nothing to do with a school district or our URL ( The company that host Skyward for our district).  We certainly appreciate each and every employee being our shield to these types of attacks. 

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