How to enable Auditing in iPrint. This needs to be done if you want to print audit reports showing who printed what, how many copies and when they printed it.

Open Internet Explorer and go to https://imanager/nps

Log into iManager using your Novell userid and password

1. Click iPrint on the left

2. Click on Manage Print Manager

3. Click on the magnifying glass and browse to and select the print manager corresponding to the location where you want to enable auditing

4. Click on the Printer Agents tab at the top

5. Check-mark auditing box next to each printer you want to be able to audit – or – check-mark the box directly below Auditing to enable auditing on all printers at this location

6. Click Apply at the bottom of the page

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    Joel Hollon

    Once iPrint Auditing is enabled, how do you run a report to see who has printed what?

    "Help me Obi-wan Dubosi! You're my only hope!" ;)

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