TestNav setup instructions and how to download test content for FCAT EOC CBT

TestNav ( Pearson ) EOC CBT  - Winter 2011 Setup Guide - David DuBose

There are three workstation configurations that need to be set up during this process:

  1. 1.       Proctor Cache Server
  2. 2.       Admin Workstation ( no client to install - just use web browser )
  3. 3.       Student Workstation
Proctor Cache Server Setup:

Set static ip address: 10.x.10.200

Set SM,DG, and DNS servers.

Reboot workstation and login as nwacccc

Run Proctor Cache Installer from NAL

-          Take all defaults and do not enter proxy address when prompted

Start the proctor cache server program

Admin Workstation - Go to a different computer other than the proctor cache server and do the following to download test content to the proctor cache server.

1.) Open IE and go to  Tools - Internet Options - Connections - Lan Settings

2.) Check mark Use proxy server and enter proxy server: 10.x.10.200   (port = 4480 )

3.) Go to  

  ( please note: you may need to go to first in some instances and then execute steps 2 and 3 above )

Training Center

Log Into Pearson Access Training Site

Enter userid and password

Verify test sessions are created

Download proctor cache to proctor cache server

When download is complete, remove the proxy in IE (10.x.10.200   (port = 4480 )

Student Workstation Setup

Log in as nwacccc

Run these two apps: EOC TestNav  and  EOC TestNav Properties

Students will use CBTCCCC to log into Novell and will only get TestNav icon in the NAL

 Note to monitor proctor cache server status:
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    How do I set up TestNav on a mac?

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