Certain students cannot save to their H: drive. They are getting message saying they do not have enough space on their home drive. keywords: low disk space, Students cannot save to home folder. Increase student drive space.

How to give students more space on their server home drive  H:

  1. 1.       Open ConsoleOne
  2. 2.       Open the container for your school
  3. 3.       Open the XCCCC_DATA container ( For Pine Forest High, this object would be called H0862_DATA )
  4. 4.       Open the Students folder
  5. 5.       Find the student that you want to increase their home drive space
  6. 6.       Right click on the student and left click properties
  7. 7.       Click on Facts tab
  8. 8.       Find the field labeled ?Limit? and increase size by 50,000 kb or 100,000 kb  increment
  9. 9.       Click Apply and then Click OK
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