How to change the My Documents location when your My Documents is rerouted to a server.

Changing My Documents on a Laptop

When you are logged in to your workstation (not on the network), open My computer.  On the side bar, it should say My Documents, right click on it and scroll down to properties.  When the next window opens, it should say the path is:  H:/My documents.   There is a button says restore to defaults.  Click it and the path should say C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXXXXX\My Documents. (it will not have XXXXXXXX but will have your  user name). Then click at the bottom to apply.  It will ask you a couple of questions, just click yes on them.  When it finishes, click okay on that window.  Close any remaining windows and install the software.  You should also be able to install any programs offline.  It will probably reset this when you log back in to the network, but you can do the process again to get access to the programs.


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