Mac Imaging with SWD

Changes to a schools network configuration may be required to provide Mac netboot services and image distribution from a schools Novell server.   School tech coordinators can put in a Zen Desk ticket to the Service Desk to get this done if it is not done already.  The following describes the steps to SWD image a Mac computer.

1.  Hold Down the "N" key and start the computer. Let go of the "N" key after the the smaller globe appears.

2. Once Mac is net-booted a prompt will appear to enter the local administrator and password to allow changes to be made to the computer.  The login name is "ladmin" and the password is the standard.

3. You will then be prompted to enter the user name and password for image server account.  The user name is "stech"  and the password can be obtained from the service desk or your IT technician.

4. Select Target Drive "MacintoshHD".  If not available use "Disk Utility" to partition the hard drive with name of "MacintoshHD".

5. Select "Erase Hard Drive"  if you plan to image the system with an operating system image.  If you plan on installing an AddOn licensed application you would not erase the hard drive.  You should always installan operating system first.

6. Enter Computer name.  Cost Center followed by property tag and location. (IE: e0191_234567Rm12) You can also select the pull down to enter in previous name, serial number or Mac address.

7. Select appropriate "Install configuration".  Use an operating system first before an AddOn licensed application.

8. Select "Reboot to MacintoshHD".  If you wish to follow by installing an AddOn Licensed application you do not need to reboot.  You will then have to launch the imaging application from the Dock, enter the required login information if you do not reboot.

9.  Select a distribution point.  It is recommended that you select your Novell server as the distribution point as it is on your subnet and will result in the fastest imaging.  However, if there is a problem with the Novell server you could select a nearby school that has a fiber connection.  It is not recommended to pull an operating system image from a distribution point by way of a wireless connection as it could take a long time, fail or cause bandwidth constraints.

10. To install an AddOn licensed application just select it.  "You must have a license for the software".

11.  You do not need to erase hard drive or rename the computer to install an AddOn application.

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    James Bishir (Scenic Heights Elementary Tech)

    David, I'm interested in doing this and will put in a ticket soon.  My concern is how will a student machine look and feel.  It is my understanding that we can still use our own images if we desire?   For instance, my school requests items in the dock that may not be on these images.  Adding the successmaker link, Go-Math link, AR link, and setting the homepage on each machine to our webpage after each image seems tedious.  Don't get me wrong I like the SWD Image process much better  I just want to know what's in store.  

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