How do I enroll students into my School Moodle course?

There are two ways students (participants) get into courses in Moodle.  The teacher of the Course can give the students (participants) an enrollment key (the key is case sensitive).  The first time a student goes to the site (your school Moodle site), they should first click on the course name of the course they are trying to enroll into, next they will be asked to log in.  They will use their network name and password.  The first time they log in, it will ask for an enrollment key (this key is case sensitive).  The teacher of the course will supply this key.  After the students (participants) all self enroll, I recommend the teacher change the enrollment key to prevent the students giving the key to other students who should not be enrolled in the course.  Students/participants will be asked to edit their profile.  Any fields with an asterisk are required (like an email address).  Students now have a valid ePals email address and the email address is filled in with the ePals address automatically each time they log in to Moodle as will teachers of Escambia County.  If you are interested in using ePals with your students the identified ePals Manager for your school can contact Linda Cobb in IT for assistance).  If your school does not have an identified ePal Manager, your School Administrator will need to email to Tom Ingram the name of the person that will act as the ePal Manager for your school and the identified ePal Manager can then contact Linda Cobb.

Many Elementary teachers are logging their own students into their School Moodle and completing the required fields for their students.

Once the students have logged into the Moodle one time.  The teacher can the enroll the students in the course via the administration box in their course.  They will choose the menu item on the side block "Assign Roles."  In the next screen, they will select "Student," another window opens and they can choose or filter for a particular student by name and add them to their course.

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