iPad fails to restore--error message 1611 and/or 1603

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE, CHECK WHICH USB CONNECTION YOU ARE USING TO TRY AND SYNC OR UPDATE YOUR IPAD.  Do not use the USB connections on the side of your monitor.  They tend to be weak or to drop connections.

If you receive the 1611  and/or 1603 error, try following these *steps:

  1. START menu
  2. Control panel
  3. Remove or add programs
  4. Select iTunes and remove
  5. Select Quicktime and remove
  6. Select Apple software update and remove
  7. Select Apple mobile device and remove
  8. Select Bonjour and remove
  9. Select Apple application support and remove

*do not dump iTunes from the desktop, that will not be enough, these steps must be followed

When all removal is complete (takes awhile to occur, be patient), shutdown and reboot.

Next, Go to

Upload iTunes (it will reload all the programs you just removed, takes a few minutes)

Follow the prompts.

Next, Open iTunes

Connect iPad,


This should work.  You will have to reconnect to your district email, and some apps may need to be moved back for syncing from your library.  If you have other issues and you wish to talk to a real person, here is the helpdesk number:  1-877-416-4271 or 1-800-275-2273.

Instructions from S. Soderlind and Sue Stevens.


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