How to Print an audit report showing who printed what, when they printed it and how many pages are being printed per user to your iPrint printers


1. Auditing must be enabled on your iPrint printers

2. You need to send some print jobs to your iPrint printers before you will see any data in the results.


How to print Audit reports:

1. Open Internet Explorer web browser

2. Go to http://<AdminServer>:8008

3. Log into Remote Manager using your Novell username and password

If you have login problems, try your full context Novell username

4. Click on the "+" to the left of Diagnose Server

5. Click on NDPS Manager Health

6. At the bottom, click on the Advanced NDPS Manager Information

7. Click Auditing at the bottom

8. Click Generate Report button on the right, then select users or specific printers or all

9. Click Generate Report button on the next screen

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