Aesop Inquiries

To All Teachers who use Aesop:
Effective immediately, please direct all Aesop inquiries and questions to your school secretary. Your school secretary has been trained on the Aesop system. I realize school secretaries may not know all of the answers at this time and are still learning the system. The secretary should contact Nell McElhaney, Teresa (Lynne) Gamewell or myself if they have any questions about Aesop. This will keep them in the communication loop to grow their understanding and knowledge about Aesop. This will allow us to provide a higher level of service to the school secretary who has a urgent matter that needs our immediate attention. It has been most difficult to respond to all district employees in a timely manner, meet the needs of all school secretaries and respond to questions from the general substitute teacher pool. The school secretary must be the first point of contact at your school for all Aesop questions or inquires.
The school secretary has access to all teachers at their school and the substitute teachers in our general pool. These are vital resources for the school secretary to use when trying to fill teacher vacancies at your school. The old SEMS system did not have these features.
The school secretary can provide you with your Aesop ID and PIN number per the following instructions.
1. go to your Aesop home screen
2. on the left hand menu bar, go down to reports
3. click Employee Register Report (includes ID and PIN numbers for teachers requiring a sub teacher)
Aesop Reminders and Tips
1.  Your ID number is your telephone number including your area code
2.  If you forget your PIN number, enter your 10 digit telephone number and click the "forget PIN" button. A new PIN will be sent to your district email address
3.  Don't forget to setup your favorite list of five substitutes who will be contacted first if they are available before going to the preferred school list, and then to the general pool.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Bill Threadgill
Human Resources Coordinator
Escambia County School District
75 Pace Boulevard
Pensacola, FL 32505
850/429-2914 Office
850/469-6332 Fax

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