How to rename an iPrint printer

How to rename an iPrint printer. This will be useful when a school or department is putting a new printer online and discarding the old one, or if an iprint printer is moved from one location to another within a school which requires the room number in the name to be changed.

This can be done from the Novell server console if you have direct access to the server or remotely by using Remote Manager.

To rename an iPrint printer using Remote Manager:

1. Open a web browser and go to https://<AdminserverIP>:8009  and login using your full context username

2. Click Continue to this website (not recommended).

3. Manage Server

4. Console Screens

5. NDPS Manager

6. F8

7. Select the printer you want to rename

8. F3  to rename printer

9. Rename printer and press Enter

The renamed printer will be automatically uninstalled and reinstalled with the new name on any workstations it is currently installed on. In some cases it may require a workstation restart.

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