How do I log in to Moodle?

To get into any Moodle in ECSD:

  1. Login with your Novell user id and password at: (our new Professional Development Moodle Server) or click on the left side bar on your school's name to get to your school Moodle.
  2. To get in any course, click on the course name. The facilitator of the course (the teacher) can manually enroll you in the course if you have at any time logged into the Moodle Server or may have given you an enrollment key (it is case sensitive) for the first time you log into their course.
  3. Participants, by default are at the student level in the course.
  4. Each user will have to agree to the District Acceptable Use policy the first time they log in to Moodle by clicking "Yes."
  5. Each user should update their Profile the first time they log in by clicking their name in the upper right-hand corner
  6. Users should complete at least the required fields in their profile. These are indicated with a red asterisk next to the field name. They must then scroll to the bottom of that screen and click save.
  7. Users will probably want to change the email digest settings. The default settings for receiving emails from Moodle forums send an email each time anyone posts to a forum they are subscribed to in any course. To change this setting, when in edit profile, click the advanced button. Look for the heading "Email digest type" and change the setting from: "No digest (Single email per forum post)" to "Complete (daily email with full posts)." Make sure you scroll to the bottom and save your changes.
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