Password Expiration Notification

The district's e-mail system automatically generates a Password Expiration Notification five days before a user's password expires. The notification comes from with a subject line of Password Expiration Notification. The text of the message is 

Dear xxxxx,

Your network password will expire in 5 days. 

If your password expires, you will not be able to access many network resources including GroupWise, Moodle, Safari Montage, Destiny, Renaissance Place, HelpDesk, and other applications appearing on the district's web site under myLinks.

You may change your password using Novell Identity Manager at https://users:8043/IDM/jsps/login/Login.jsp (also available on the school district's web site on the Employee Portal).

Please ignore any warnings that you may get about SSL or Security Certificates when going to this page -- this page is secure and will not harm your computer.

If you have any other questions about this process, please call the Service Desk at (850) 429-2900. Thank you.

- From: IT-Security Escambia County School District -

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    Tom Ingram

    Please note that the web site's security certificate is currently expired. We are working to resolve the issue, but we would ask you to accept the expired certificate so that you may change your password until we are able to get it resolved.

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    Tom Ingram

    Please note that we've updated the text for the automated message. It is now current above.

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    The following employees for Novell Groupwise:  M Bradfield, Janie McGirt, Elaine Thomas, Antuan Floyd , and T. Cornish.


    Thanks, Geneva Lynch

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