Smartboard Troubleshooting Resources

Last year SMART changed its policies and no longer ship the District replacement parts. Their support line has competent technicians that are a great help. Here is the support number: 1-866-518-6791. When you call SMART, they will ask for the SB serial number. Many of the boards in our District are no longer under warranty so the information given by the SMART technicians will be general. If any part needs replacing on the boards that are out of warranty then you will need to contact a SMART reseller.

Here is the link for SMART support:   On this page is also a link to a Knowledge Base that has answers to many of the questions.

Here are two additional links for help in troubleshooting SMARTBoard issues. One is for the Window machines and the other one is MAC specific.



Provided by:  Norman Jennings, IT Teacher

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