How to setup your Avervision Document Camera.

Please find below instructions on how to connect your Avervision150  (purchased before 2008), the Avervision CP150, and the AverVision CP155 document camera to your computer and video projector in order to utilize the software to capture pictures and video:

Also attached is a pdf file with images and step-by-step instructions to attach the various cables to your laptop or computer, the video projector and the document camera.  The pdf instructions  provides information on where to download the software for both Mac and Windows for the Avervison 150 document camera.

Please utilize the following links to download the software (both Mac and Windows) for the appropriate Avervision document camera.  There is also an online tutorial for using the Avervision Software with the Document camera:
Now you can download a free AverVision Flash Plug-in software package that allows you to use your Aver doc cam with your Smartboard.  By using the Flash Plug-in you can use your document camera from within the Smart Notebook.
The Flash Plugin and the Download Quickstart guide for using it for both Mac and Windows is located at: (Click the Download Tab).  Please make sure you connect both the video cable and the usb cable to your computer.  You can add the Flash plugin swf file to your My Content for future use.
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