How to I assign products to a class in Renaissance Place?

By default, teachers and students have no access to any Renaissance Place applications (Accelerated Math, Accelerated Reader, Math Facts in a Flash, STAR Early Literacy, STAR Math, or STAR Reading). Teachers must be assigned to an application by course. Once they have been assigned, they must set up access for their students.

  1. Login to Renaissance Place as an administrator.
  2. Select Courses and Classes from the Renaissance Place menu.
  3. Select a Course to assign products (the link is to the right of the name). (another screen appears with classes that are designated by teacher and section number).
  4. Check the box next to each product  that you want to assign to the class (Accelerated Reader, Star Reading, Star Math, etc).
  5. Check the box next to "Class" in the header if you want to assign the products to all the classes or check the box next to each teacher name if you only want to do some of the classes.
  6. Click the Assign button at the bottom of the list of classes.
  7. Click the "Done" button.

Most schools use the Citizenship course because that is tied to the home room teacher. In the case that you departmentalize, you can add team teachers so that everyone on the team can see the student scores.

This process must be repeated for each course and class that you want to assign.

Please note that if a teacher name changes or if the course name or number changes, then products the Renaissance products will have to be assigned to the new course or classes.  Any changes in Focus  that are completed before 8:00 pm that day is in the file upload that night for additions or changes.

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    Great help. We need more of this kind of thing in my opinion. Thanks Peggy!

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