Why does the district filter Internet content?

The district filters Internet content as mandated by the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Historically, the district’s content filtering has been used as a way to comply with the federal requirements, with the School Board Rule referencing the Guidelines for Acceptable Use of District Information Systems (AUP), and with teachers requests to assist with classroom management of student conduct. Although I don't believe the Internet content filter has the most significant role in enforcement of either the AUP or classroom management of student conduct, I do believe that it has a minor role. Therefore, changes in our Internet content filtering policy must be carefully planned and executed to maintain appropriate supervision in our classrooms.

The district’s AUP states that all student access of the Internet will be monitored. Teachers have the responsibility to monitor students using the Internet and may not concede that responsibility to the filter. Users should not assume that because they are able to get to specific content that it is acceptable for them to use it, nor should users assume that because they are unable to get to content that it's unacceptable for them to use it.
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