Administrative Computer Replacement

Principals/Department Heads or their designees (with the principal/department head permission) should submit a form at requesting that IT order equipment for administrative computer replacement. The request should include the type of computer requested (Apple or Dell; Desktop or Laptop); the school/department name, ship to code, and cost center; the property number of the computer it will be replacing; and a brief description of who will be using the replacement and how it will be used. The status of each request will be sent to the requester and appropriate administrator upon processing.

Requests will be filled based on the following priorities:

1) Computers that are no longer working will be top priority.

2) Computers that are greater than five years old and used by a full time employee will be top priority (property tags prior to C033770000).

3) Computers that are less than five years old but are used by employees who have a specific need for a newer computer will be second priority. Computers less than five years old that are replaced will be repurposed to other uses.


Note that the IT Department processes requests regularly but many orders require School Board approval. No additional orders will be placed once the funds have been fully expended or after the district's deadline for purchasing equipment (3/30/19).

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