iOS App Purchase Process (for iPad and iPod touch)

Schools/offices will contact IT and provide the name of an employee that IT will register as their Volume Program Facilitator (VPF). IT will create a generic e-mail account, assign that user proxy access to the account, and register the generic account as a VPF. This process will authorize the school/office VPF to purchase software using a Volume Voucher Authentication Number.

Once school/office VPFs authorization/registration processes are complete they will begin to use their school/office credit cards to create $100.00 POs for Apple software ($100.00 is the minimum PO amount for purchase of an App Store Volume Voucher Card).

Upon receipt of a $100.00 PO for software Apple will send an App Store Volume Voucher Card containing a Volume Voucher Authentication Number to the appropriate school/office VPF. The VPF will login at to purchase apps with the Volume Voucher Authentication Number. Twenty or more copies of the same App are reduced to half price providing the developers of the App did not opt out of Apple’s iPad App discount rate. The purchased apps will have an associated code that may then be redeemed in iTunes. Please note that once the code has redeemed and associated with a particular iTunes account, it may not be associated with another iTunes account. The only exception would be when using the Apple Configurator.

The school/office VPFS will continue to purchase Apps using their current Volume Voucher Authentication Number until that voucher is expended. Once the voucher is expended the VPFS will use the school/office credit to create another PO for Apple software and Apple will send another App Store Volume Voucher Card containing a new Volume Voucher Authentication Number for purchase of additional Apps as required by their school/office.

School principals and office administrators will be responsible for ensuring the appropriateness and number of Apps that are purchased at their school/office by reviewing the VPFs’ email receipts from Apple itemizing the purchased titles and amounts.

These procedures will facilitate continuous District control of iPad Apps when employees are transferred among schools and departments or exit the District’s employ since these Apps can be deleted from and reinstalled on iPads using the iTunes account established by school/office VPFs.

If an employee chooses to obtain all of their Apps using their private iTunes account with their own credit card they may do so (purchases and content are subject to District AUP and Code of Ethics guidelines). They maintain control of those privately purchased Apps by removing them from the iPad they were issued by the District and reinstalling them on their new District issued iPad or by reinstalling them on their privately owned iPad using their privately held iTunes account.

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