Are there district guidelines for using Edmodo?

Many of our schools are now using Edmodo ( for collaboration and communication. It’s a very powerful tool that allows teachers, students, and parents to self-register and collaborate in an engaging environment.

If you do use Edmodo, please review the Edmodo Safety Best Practices at  to maintain a safe environment.

In particular, I want to highlight three important pieces.

1) Do not post group codes publicly. Edmodo does not post school or group codes online because there’s no way to ensure that only legitimate users will use them. School or group codes posted on a school or teacher web site that is not password protected could be used by anyone.

2) Lock group codes after all students have joined. This will ensure that no one else joins the group.

3) Monitor student posts. The Guidelines for Acceptable Use of District Information Systems and School Board Rules specify that all student electronic communication will be fully moderated. Edmodo provides three ways for teachers to do this moderation. However, any open groups should have full Post Moderation. This will mean that the teacher must approve every post before it goes live. Another option would be to use "read-only" status. "Read-only" would prevent student to student interaction entirely. Without Post Moderation or "read-only" in place, someone could register and post before the teacher is aware that there’s any issue.

I recommend that schools using Edmodo have a designated Edmodo Administrator to help teachers at your school. If your school uses Edmodo and does not have a designated Edmodo Administrator, the Principal should email me letting me know who you want set up in this role.

Edmodo is a great tool when used well. Edmodo provides a poster on Best Practices for Digital Citizenship at .

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    Julia Smith

    What are the school codes now required to access our Edmodo accounts? Our school tech doesn't know & no one else at my school knows.

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