Computer Repair Guidelines

Updated  08/25/22


Requests for repair must be submitted through the HelpDesk ticket submission process, All requests must include the following information: Property Number (if applicable), Serial or Service Tag Number, Machine Manufacturer, Model, Function, School/Center, and Room Number. Requests for screen repair or any accidental damage repair by an employee must follow SOP 1301-h4 and include a statement explaining the damage. Any submissions without the required fields will be put on hold until the information is provided. SOP for Lost, Stolen or Damaged District Property

No repair that exceeds 30% of the replacement cost of a device will be completed without approval from the Director of Information Technology or the Coordinator of Technology Services.

If a hard drive is replaced or reformatted, installation of Windows 10 or the latest version of Mac OS X should be completed providing processor speed, RAM size, and storage size allow. Otherwise, match the OS installation, as these considerations will allow.

Dell & Apple Desktops/Laptops

  • Most computers acquired prior to 12/31/16 will not be repaired. Approximate county tag number C035029800.
  • Most computers acquired between 12/31/16 and 07/01/18 (C035422200) whose repair cost would exceed $300 will not be repaired.
  • Latitude Models xx30 and below will not be repaired.
  • Optiplex models 7020 and below will not be repaired.
  • No computer will be repaired whose repair cost exceeds 70% of replacement cost.


  • Chromebooks with barrel chargers will not be repaired.
  • Chromebooks more than 3 years old should not be repaired, but rather replaced from spares. Check warranty status at
    • In the unlikely event that no suitable replacement can be found, the Coordinator of Technology Services may authorize a repair.


  • All ink jet printers will not be repaired. Individual exceptions may be granted for any ink jet printer that has a replacement value in excess of $500.
  • HP M553 printer repairs should not exceed $240.
  • All personal laser printers more than 5 years old will not be repaired.

Most servers currently in use will be repaired. The Coordinator of Technology Services should be notified when the repair cost exceeds 30% of the replacement cost.

Items not covered: batteries, laptop power adapters, mice, keyboards, modems, network equipment, multimedia projectors, handhelds, dot matrix printers, cameras, classroom response systems, flash drives, tricasters, smart boards.

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