6/2/2016 Cyber Security Alert


Our Technical Support Service Desk has seen an increase in calls regarding users that are getting pop-up messages that their computer has been detected as having suspicious activity sometimes with a toll free number to call. The pop-up will on occasion even mention the School District Of Escambia County.  We have attached an image of a typical link used by these cyber criminals that you may see when navigating the internet and an image of an actual pop-up for you to see.  Please understand that this is Malware that is trying to get you to call the toll free number for assistance. Once they have you on the phone, they will then have you install software on your machine that allows them access to your computer and all of its content. The School District will never let you know about a issue on your machine in this manner.
Please think before you click as these bad guys are very creative in order to gain access to your system and steal your information.    It is important to note, that this is just one of many ways that cyber criminals choose to get to your personal data so please be aware of every action that you take and think before you click.


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