Schoolnet: Assessment Accommodations - Quick Reference Card

Use the attached Quick Reference Card to help you use the assessment accommodation features in Schoolnet.  A training video is free to use on the Pearson site.  Just create a user with your email.  The link to the video is:


Remember you will need to Generate Text to Speech:  Click to start the Text to Speech conversion process for tests so that you can preview tests that use the Text to Speech accommodation. If you do not generate Text to Speech content here, it will be generated when the test is published to TestNav. The Generate Text to Speech link will not appear if the Text to Speech test property is not enabled in Test Properties. This process can take several minutes, so it is best to wait until the test is ready for students before running this process. You will not be able to preview their test while the process is running. You will receive a notification when the process is complete, and the action link will change to "Text to Speech content is ready". If you change the question content during or after the Text to Speech conversion, the "Generate Text to Speech" link will reappear and you will need to run the conversion process again. 

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