How do I give a secure assessment in Schoolnet with Chromebooks?

In order to give a secure assessment in Schoolnet the assessment should be scheduled in Schoolnet to use the TestNav Secure setting when scheduling the Assessment. 

Students will not log in to the Chromebook but will look in the App folder and user the Schoolnet Secure Tester App.  The app will launch Single Sign On and the student will log in with their user id and password.  They will then enter the passcode.  This will open in a secure browser for a better testing experience for the student.

In the 18.1 version, this delivery method will also provide accommodations like reading the questions if the assessment has been set by the creator to allow text to speech.  The student profile in Schoolnet has to be set to allow the accommodation.

The instructions for setting up the Chromebook are attached for those adding the app to the Chromebook.  For teachers, it the app is not available please check with your Technology Coordinator to get it added.

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