FLKRS Information

It is time now to go to https://flkr1.RENLEARN.COM/6594145 and assign product to classes.

Students will need earbuds and we highly recommend scheduling so that more than one adult can be in the room. We encourage schools to complete FLKRS by September 6--but the FLKRS window is open until September 23.

FLKRS (Florida Kindergarten Readiness) ScreenerPresentation.

Classes were not available until August 12. You will not be able to view or print off student login information until the first day of school. You are able to add additional district level and school level administrator accounts and set screening windows if you would like, prior to the start of the school year. Please see the attached document for directions on how to add additional administrator accounts and set screening windows.


The teacher login information is:

Username: Teacher ID (on Skyward it is the Employee ID--10 digit number beginning with zeros)

Password: Teacher ID (There will be a prompt to change this password upon first log in.)

Student login information can be accessed once the new school year begins. Student login information can be accessed by logging into your Renaissance™ site and clicking Users > View Students > Search for students > click the Passwords tab. You can use the View PDF or Print Page link to get a hard copy of the results. This can be done by a district administrator, school level administrator or the teacher assigned to the class.

 If you have any trouble, please call or e-mail and I will help!

 Lisa Marsh

English Language Arts Specialist K-12

The School District of Escambia County

  1. E. Hall Center

30 East Texar Drive

Pensacola, FL 32503


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