Videoconferencing and Digital Tools

The District recommends the use of Google Meet for all our videoconferencing needs. IT staff are able to assist with any issues involving Meet. 

The District has unblocked Zoom on all Chromebooks for students. This action was taken because of the need for our contracted counselors to use Zoom with students as well as the need for our students who are dual enrolled to use Zoom for their dual enrollment courses.

 As we take this action to ensure that our students are able to access essential services in this time of need, I want to make sure that we understand that students may use Zoom in inappropriate ways. Therefore, this action will be reversed in the future when no longer needed for these purposes.

 If any District staff are using Zoom for any purpose, it is the responsibility of the staff member to ensure that they are using it safely. Please see the Zoom Blog guidance for more information about safe use of Zoom. 

 As a reminder, the District’s Digital Resource Menu shows the applications that have been reviewed and approved for student use. The review includes reviewing for function within our digital tool system and curriculum and ensuring that the tool meets minimal privacy requirements for use with our students. 

 Free applications, such as Zoom (the District has not paid for services), frequently use the data of their users for some commercial purposes. Individuals over the age of 13 may decide that they want to give up their data for the convenience of using the free app. We may NOT make that decision for our students, and in no circumstances may we allow free apps to store educational records for our students.

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