Instructions For Using Filr To Share A New File From The Web

  1. Save the document that you want to send as a file on your computer. Remember where on your computer you have saved the file on your computer because you will need to choose it later.


  1. Use your web browser ( Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.) to go to the ECSD Filr site at 


  1. Log in with your usual ECSD username and password and click "Sign In"


  1. You should then be logged into Filr, and the first screen should show your name towards the upper left with a folder called "Home" below. If you do not see "Home" then you should contact the IT Service Desk to let them know you do not see it. This "Home" folder is also known as your H: drive.


  1. Below "Home" is a menu with several buttons. One of those buttons is "Add Files". This is the button we will use to save the document in the file on your computer to your Home in Filr. Click "Add Files"


  1. A new window appears over Filr with the instruction "Drag and Drop to add files to this folder". If you feel comfortable dragging the file from Step 1 here, then do so. If you would rather pick it from a list, then click the "Browse" button and select the file. Either way, the file will then be uploaded and appear in Filr when the Home list refreshes.


  1. Now that your document file is in Filr, it can be shared with others in the District. To share a file, first find it in the Home list and click the checkbox next to it. Once you click the checkbox, the "Share" button (to the left of the "Add Files" button) is available, Click this "Share" button and then click "Share" again on the list that drops down from it.


  1. Now you are asked who you would like to share the file with. Start typing the full name or username (e-mail) of the person you would like to share with. As you type, the list of ECSD users matching that name will appear. When you see the user you want, select them from the list. Be sure that their e-mail address ends with "" and NOT "" as most of the latter are students (and you probably do not want to share your document with a student). SPECIAL NOTE: If the person you want to share with is not an ECSD employee and you have the right to share with external users, you can type in their e-mail address here instead of searching their name.


  1. Once you have selected the user, a new screen appears with some sharing options. By default your document will stop being shared with the other person after 30 days, and this is probably a good setting. The "Viewer" access right setting is probably good as it is as well. The only change you need to make is to type a note to the person you are sending the document to. They will receive an e-mail letting them know that the document is shared and it will include this note. When you are done, click "OK" to share the document.


  1. You may now log out of Filr by clicking your name in the top right part of the screen and selecting "sign out".


  1. If you do not want to keep your document in Filr, you can come back later (after the person you sent it to has let you know they received it) and delete it by logging back into Filr, checking the box next to the file, and clicking the "Delete" button from the same row of buttons that "Share" and "Upload" are on.
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