GoGuardian Teacher Use

The District provides GoGuardian Teacher for secondary teachers (note some elementary schools purchase it for their teachers as well) to assist them in working with students and managing digital tools in the classroom. During this time when the District is providing virtual instruction, GoGuardian has extended the District’s license to allow all teachers to use the product with their students. See How to Best Use GoGuardian Teacher for Remote Learning for ideas about how to use it appropriately.

The hours available for use of GoGuardian Teacher have been 8 am to 3 pm since the District began virtual instruction. However, to accommodate the flexible schedules that teachers requested, the hours for GoGuardian Teacher are being extended to 6 pm. Please note that teachers should only use GoGuardian Teacher when students are under their direct supervision. There are multiple reasons why this is important:

  • Multiple teachers attempting to manage a device could cause conflicts.

  • Students should have opportunities to use their device for independent learning when not under the direct supervision of a teacher.

  • Parents should not be given an expectation that teachers are monitoring student internet access at all times.

For more information about GoGuardian Teacher, see .

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