School Messenger Callout for Last Year’s Seniors or Incoming Students

School Messenger Callout for Last Year’s Seniors or Incoming Students

From Focus in 2020-2021 > Reports > District Reports >

 Click on Address, Contacts, and Phone to expand to options.

Find the Title called “School Messenger Student List”

Click on the green Run button to run the report.

Use an Effective Date –

For last year's seniors:

  • Run in the school year that was just completed.
  • Effective Date = Last Day of School
  • Filter on 12th Grade

 For incoming students:

  • Run in the upcoming school year.
  • Effective Date = First Day of School
  • Filter on the appropriate grade level.

Click on Run

Turn Filter ON by clicking in on Filter button.

Filter the results to your needs by using the Grade column. (12 Grade or 6 Grade)

Export the results by clicking the Excel button next to Export


The file will download to the Downloads folder on your computer.

You do not need to open the file in Excel.  Just leave the .CSV file in the Downloads folder.

Login to School Messenger

New Broadcast 

  • Subject & Recipients

Give your Broadcast a Subject title

Type General – for this call-out

Recipients – Add Message Recipients and Upload List

Click Browse 

Navigate to your Downloads folder

Open your Download folder and select the file you downloaded from Focus

Click Open then Click Next

You should now see your uploaded list

Change the name of the 3rd column to "Grade Level"

Change the name of the 4th column to "Phone 1 (Primary)

Click on the Refresh Mapping button

 Click on Add Selected Recipients at the bottom of the screen

Pause a minute here to allow School Messenger to upload the recipients.

Once back on the New Broadcast screen, be sure you have a Count

(If you don’t see a number Count, you may need to do the above steps again)

Click Continue at the bottom right hand corner

2) Message Content

Phone and use Call Me to Record or Text-to-Speech

Record or Text to Speech your message and Save

Continue button again

3) Review & Send

Send Now or Schedule to Send Later


If any problems, Email:

Or call 850.462.9493



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