What happens with students grades when a teacher retires or

When a teacher retires (or stops using ESGI for any reason), no data is deleted. Data is connected to the student's name (think of it as a student file) as well as the exact tests that were given. Anyone who has the students in their ESGI account as well as the same tests that were used to assess the student would have access to that data.

So, if a teacher retires now (before the school year is over) and the new teacher gets an ESGI account activated by the Clever import, the students data would follow the students into the new account. If the new teacher needs the previous teacher's subject tabs added (so that the data shows up), that is something we can copy into the new teacher's account.

If a teacher retires and you just want to have access to all previous data from that  account, we can download all reports from that account for you and that is something you can keep on file.

Once the retired teacher is removed from Clever, their account is deactivated and they no longer have access to it, but nothing is deleted.

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