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IT staff attempt to maintain email groups based on work location and job assignment as found in Skyward. However, we receive a significant number of requests to add people manually. We do our best to accommodate those requests. Please submit them through the normal ticket submission process. Note that a manual add of a user will likely need to be requested as a manual delete of a user when necessary. As a reminder, all district created and maintained groups are prepended with DC (district created).


Assist Principal All 

Department Head

Assist Principal Elem

Media Specialists Elem

Assist Principal Middle

Media Specialists Middle

Assist Principal High

Principal All

Counselor Elem

Principal Elem

Counselor High

Principal High

Counselor Middle

Principal Middle

Data Specialist ALL

Secretary Elem

Data Specialist Elem

Secretary High New

Data Specialist High

Secretary McDaniel

Data Specialist Middle

Secretary Middle


I would encourage you to use to clean up your personal groups and delete old entries that were carried over from Groupwise. When you type the name of a group in Gmail when you are sending an email, Gmail automatically pulls your most recently used addresses. Therefore, if you have a personal label (or group) that was migrated from GroupWise with a name similar to the public groups, Gmail will show you the personal label first. 

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