Video Conferencing and Digital Tools

The District recommends the use of Google Meet for all our video conferencing needs. IT staff are able to assist with any issues involving Meet. As a reminder, when using Google Meet as with any video conferencing tool, it is important to minimize the number of software applications and browser tabs that are open on your computer. This will reduce the load on your device and ensure the best video and audio quality within the application. Staff or students who are experiencing any quality issues with Google Meet should close any applications or windows that are not essential. For more information, see Troubleshoot issues with Google Meet

For those teachers using GoGuardian Teacher, that product has a voice-only call mode, a video call mode, and a lecture/presentation mode that you may find useful. For more information on these modes, see the GoGuardian Video Conferencing document.

The District does not recommend the free use of Zoom by our staff. Since the District has no contract in place with Zoom, it should not be considered FERPA compliant and should not be used. As a reminder, the District’s Digital Resource Menu shows the applications that have been reviewed and approved for student use. The review includes reviewing for function within our digital tool system and curriculum and ensuring that the tool meets minimal privacy requirements for use with our students (FERPA compliance). 

Students who are dual enrolled with PSC or UWF or who are participating in certain services that the District contracts may use Zoom. In these instances, the third party providers--PSC, UWF, or the contracted service provider--bears the responsibility of contracting with Zoom to ensure FERPA compliance.

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