Use of Oculus for Educational Virtual Reality Experiences

The District had been recommending the use of Oculus devices to provide educational virtual reality experiences for students. Unfortunately, Facebook now requires that all new Oculus users have a Facebook account for use with an Oculus device. Since students are not allowed to use Facebook at school, this makes the Oculus no longer a viable solution for us. IT staff are looking at alternatives to recommend for providing educational virtual reality experiences in the future. 

If you have Oculus devices on your campus that have been in use, you may continue to use them as long as you do not link your Oculus account to a Facebook account. This is not required for two years and as long as your Oculus account is not linked to a Facebook account you should be able to continue to use it for educational purposes. Please feel free to reach out through a ticket if you have any questions or concerns. We will share future solutions as we are able to identify them.

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