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The IT Department supports technology to enable staff and students to access digital tools. These include classroom technology and equipment; Apple and Dell computers and laptops and iPads; and internet, network, and telephones.

The highest priority for IT staff for these categories is internet, network, and telephones. This service impacts the largest number of staff and students whenever it is unavailable. This service is necessary for most any other use of technology. IT staff maintain the District’s connectivity to the internet including the District’s firewall (for protecting the network) and filter (iBoss and GoGuardian), the connectivity from each school to the District, and the management of the wired and wireless networks throughout the District’s schools and centers. 

IT staff work with school-based technical support staff to install and maintain wired and wireless infrastructure within schools. School-based technical support staff are the first line of defense when installing and maintaining wired and wireless infrastructure. IT technical support staff are available for designing, installing, and advanced troubleshooting of wired and wireless networks within schools.

IT staff are in the middle of a multi-year project to upgrade telephone systems at all schools and centers. As this upgrade occurs, telephones will become more dependent on internet and network access and will be components of the overall network. 

IT staff also support certain models of Apple and Dell computers and laptops (including Chromebooks) and iPads. IT staff maintain tools for setting up these devices and managing these devices. School-based technical support staff should use these tools for setting up devices and managing these devices to provide this service at all schools. IT technical support staff are available for large projects and advanced troubleshooting of Apple and Dell computers and laptops and iPads.

IT staff also support school-based technical support staff in setting up and advanced troubleshooting of classroom technology and equipment such as TVs, projection systems, audio systems, etc. Note that the IT Department is unable to provide any support or assistance with any interactive displays. For interactivity in the classroom, the IT Department recommends use of a TV, an attached device for sharing such as an Apple TV, and a laptop or iPad. Schools should not order interactive displays.

IT staff will do our best to assist school-based technical support staff in major projects at their schools. However, schools must ensure that the technology that they are purchasing is supported by IT staff. IT staff maintain quotes for Apple and Dell computers and laptops and iPads that are supported by IT. When purchasing devices, schools should only purchase from these quotes. Schools should not purchase any wired or wireless infrastructure, telephones, or classroom technology and equipment without consulting IT staff.

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