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The District maintains a Digital Resource Menu with most software applications approved for use (note some non-student software may not be included). The Digital Resource Menu contains information about the privacy status of each approved application. District and school administrators may not recommend or require the use of products by students or containing student data that are not approved in some way (note there are over 300 products with a variety of types of approval). District funds may not be spent on products used by students or containing student information that are not approved for purchase. Teachers may review the menu and may use any resource in the manner indicated by the approval status and privacy status.

Products will not be reviewed until the vendor has submitted a survey (the link is also found on this page). Teachers, with principal’s permission, may choose to use resources that are not found in the Digital Resource Menu (as specified in the Staff Responsible Use Guidelines). However, it is then the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that all privacy requirements are met and students may appropriately access the materials as needed. IT staff will be unable to assist in these instances.

In general, software applications that are approved for purchase by the District or by a school are compliant with privacy requirements (there are a few noted exceptions such as Certiport products). In general, software applications that are not approved for purchase by the District or by a school require parental consent. It is important for us to comply with FERPA and keep our student data secure. 

Approved Google extensions and add-ons should be listed in the Digital Resource Menu. When staff want to use an extension or add-on that is not approved, the staff member may submit a ticket requesting review. Those tickets are typically escalated to a member of the IT Department leadership team for approval.

The review process begins by the vendor submitting a survey. The survey is reviewed by IT staff to determine if it meets minimum technical requirements. The minimum technical requirements are clearly spelled out in the survey, and there is no subjectivity in this review. If a vendor fails to meet the minimum technical requirements, the product may not be purchased without executive staff approval. 

Once IT staff have reviewed a product and found that it meets minimum technical requirements, the product must be approved by the appropriate Curriculum & Instruction staff. Once approved by Curriculum & Instruction, the purchaser must review the vendor’s survey to ensure that the survey matches the intended use for the product. Purchasers should consider the course number(s) that will be using the resource; what other resources are in use by the course number(s); the devices that students will use to access the resource; how any assessment data will be used by students and teachers. IT Service Desk tickets as specified in the survey must be entered based on intended usage. 

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