YouTube Video Moderation

The IT Department implemented a feature available to us to provide school staff with greater ability to manage student access to YouTube videos. With the feature, school staff are able to see if a video has been approved by the organization and approve or remove approval for a video as needed. 

If you use YouTube to teach, you’ve probably run into issues with students being able to access videos. Starting Saturday, February 6th, 2021, you will be able to “approve” restricted videos so that students can watch them. San Francisco Unified Schools recently made the same change and put together a nice demonstration. Please watch this short video to explain the process. Everything discussed will apply to us except for the date of implementation and where to go for help. There is also a help document.

YouTube has a basic set of videos that it has determined are appropriate and those videos are automatically watchable. What teachers can do is approve additional videos that YouTube missed, but which should be allowed.

Let's take the Camodo Gaming channel as an example. The channel as a whole is not approved for Some videos within the channel are automatically marked “Watchable by”. Other videos within the channel are not automatically watchable, but could be individually approved (Just an example. I haven't watched enough to determine if it's appropriate). If you wanted all of the videos of the channel to be watchable, then you would approve the channel. 

We cannot block a video within the YouTube interface. If you find a video that should be blocked, please submit a ticket. We will have to do that through GoGuardian.

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