Google Classroom Clean Up Tips for the End of the Year

#1 Return all student work.  

Under the Classroom Main Menu, check your “To Review” list and make sure you have graded and returned all work to students so they regain ownership of their files. 

#2 Unenroll students from completed Google Classrooms. 

Open the Classroom and go to the People tab. Check the box at the top of the Students section to select all the students in the class.  Click the Actions button and choose Remove from the drop down menu. 

#3 Archive Classes

At the Classroom homepage, click the three dots on the class card you wish to archive and choose Archive from the drop down menu.  These classes will be removed from your homepage and can be located in the Main Menu under the heading Archived Classes.  Classroom copies can be created from archived classes.

#4 Remove old Class Calendars

Go to Google Calendar.  Find classroom calendars under My Calendar (left side of the screen). Click the three dots button to the right of the class name and choose Hide from List.  If you want to delete the calendar, click the three dots and choose Settings and Sharing, scroll to the bottom of the calendar details screen to the Remove Calendar section and click Delete. 

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